Lighthouse Pointe Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Frankfort, Illinois
Project Period: 2004 – 2008

Project Highlights
  • $1 Million Native Landscape and Restoration Project for Compliance with Section 404
  • Restored and managed 90 acres of Conservation Easement
  • Shoreline stabilization of 5,100 ft of inline detention pond, 3,500 ft of offline detention pond, and 500 ft of creek bank

LRMG was retained under a full service, four-year contract with Midwest Development to handle all Section 404 related permitting/ecological consultation, storm water best management practices (BMP)/native landscape designs and full build-out of those designs necessary for compliance with Section 404 related regulations and Village of Frankfort Ordinances. The result is now 90 acres of permanently protected and restored waterways functioning as storm water detention/BMP and adjacent restored wetland and prairie habitat along Hickory Creek's corridor, an Illinois Class B stream which bisects and is now enhanced as a result of LRMG's work within the 230-acre PUD.

LRMG completed all Section 404 wetland delineation for Hickory Creek, two Hickory Creek tributaries and adjacent wetlands as well as provided an overall floristic quality assessment (FQA). LRMG obtained Corps certification of all findings. In collaboration with project engineer, M. Gingerich, Gereaux and Associates (MG2A),

LRMG designed all storm water management facility BMPs online with the larger of two Hickory Creek tributary drains located within the development. LRMG obtained all final Corps of Engineers permitting sign-offs, IDNR floodway permitting and Village of Frankfort wetland and native landscape approvals for the entire phased PUD and associated BMP driven wetland mitigation plan.

Post mass grading of the site in 2004, LRMG successfully completed all erosion control, bank stabilization of over a mile of shoreline, and de novo establishment of native vegetation on over 57 acres of raw ground surrounding in additional to restoration of native vegetation on over 23 acres of preserved floodplain adjacent to Hickory Creek. LRMG completed all work associated with restoration management and attained three year management and monitoring success criteria on all 90 acres on project schedule and budget. The conservation easement was deeded to the Frankfort Square Park District in 2009.